How it happened

The beginning


My name is Alexandru Arghir. I am a self taught entrepreneur. Two friends building something together. This is how it all started. Our journey has it’s origin in December 2017. That is when we met at a restaurant and I was telling Marius all about dropshipping (yes i wanted to be a dropshipper). I kept telling him about how easy it is (or seemed) and that i am going to do that, i even created a store to play with it and see what exactly it is all about. Building the store was easy, selling on the other hand not that easy. He said, ok let’s do it together. So we did. And we failed!


From failure to success


You know that the first step to success is by failing first. After realizing this wouldn’t work Marius wanted to close it down and so did I. But something was in the back of my mind and I told him to wait a bit. Let me come with something up. We can not let this be just another failure. Let’s flip it into our favour.


Arcvn and it’s becoming


I told Marius let’s rebrand the store into a more general brand so we can sell more stuff. We started searching for name ideas so he said we should combine our names and see what comes out. After a week or so of searching and name combining we came up with “Arcan”, only that we gave it a little twist, literally. We twisted the middle A in a V. With the failure in mind I said that we should do something meaningful, something that others will benefit on as well. I am a huge fan of motivation, positivity and everything an entrepreneur usually consume so over night Arcvn became an apparel.


The cause


We are about all good things in life, and we know it is hard to build your dream. It’s a lonely road most of the time. But we want to be there with you on your journey to success with our brand. Everything that is related to Arcvn has a story, and we want you to know why you are wearing Arcvn. We want our brand to remind you why you started every time you go out. We believe success is always near, just need that extra motivation to achieve it. And all of us can become successful.


The community


Last but not least, we want to build a community with our brand. You can join our facebook group called Arcvn Club. That is where you will find like-minded people, either already on their road to success, or at the start of their journey. This community is about growing together and helping each other become the best version of self.


The brand

Arcvn Logo Color

It’s about the lifestyle. We are entrepreneurs offering the best products and designs to entrepreneurs. Our content that you find on social media is focused on motivation and personal development.

It’s about the culture. In this past decade entrepreneurship became a culture, using the internet people connected to each other, providing value to one another, growing together. We live in this culture.

It’s about growth. We always say greatness is near. Let’s say greatness is here. Let’s become the best versions of ourselves that we can become. Our heroes are us in 10 years. And if you are growth driven like us you know who said that. We are here to constantly remind you about it.

It’s about winning. This is what separates us from the rest. It is not i should win it is i must win. It’s what drives us and it is what should drive you.

It’s all love. Become part of the club, give love and receive love, because in the end it’s all about the love.

Excellence is not an act but a habit. Commitment is key!